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Over the past few years, Kayvon Webster and I have formed a friendship that goes further than business. You can check out a few of our projects below, as well as his website for more information on what he’s currently working on.


Kayvon Webster's Dictionary - Cover.png

Kayvon Webster’s Dictionary

In early 2018, Kayvon and I started posting weekly Instagram videos to educate and motivate our youth. That soon turned into an idea for children’s book.



vybe305 food truck

One of Kayvon’s goals while he was in LA was to start his own food truck. In the summer of 2018, we teamed up to make that happen. I helped design the truck, branding, and creative direction for the Vybe305 food truck.



You can check out the website I built for Kayvon for more info on him and what he’s been up to.