Lets link and build, fam


"I'm trying to elevate small talk to medium talk."

- Larry David

Alright, if you're reading this, there's a VERY good chance that you and I have "grabbed coffee to catch up" or something along those lines to meet with each other over the last several years. If you are one of these people, please do me a favor; go to the contact form and send me a message to remind me about the time we caught up with each other. Or, if you want to grab coffee and catch up, hit the contact button and lets make it happen. That's not too corny right??

Anyway, I'm writing this piece to talk about how important relationships are. Not just business relationships, but actual human friendships. We all have those friends we follow on social media who we know from years ago, and sometimes they like your IG post, sometimes they don't. They view your story or comment laughing emojis on one of your posts every once in a while. You get who I'm talking about right? Well we are LUCKY as HELL to have access to this type of information and keep in contact with old friends and acquaintances. We're humans and we need this shit, let me explain.

"Lets catch up soon!"

Some of the BEST conversations I've had with people have been over a 30 minute cup of coffee. Some of the BEST (and worst) ideas have stemmed from a happy hour session with that old friend from college that you haven't seen in years. These encounters are not only useful for networking, but they can also simply serve as a breath of fresh air. You get to hear a new, fresh perspective on anything you want, whether it's about business, politics, culture, sports, or just life in general.



"I see you killing it!"

From a business & networking standpoint, if you don't already understand that relationships are everything, then maybe you should watch some more GaryVee or Tony Robbins. I won't get too deep into that, but I'll tell you a little about my most recent "link up" experience.

I got accepted to UNM after I graduated high school and moved to Albuquerque from Silver City, New Mexico. Me and my high school friend Mike applied to live in the Redondo dorms together, so this meant we would have 2 other random roommates. I was nervous about who my new roomies were going to be just like any 18 year old kid would be. We were paired up with Jamaal and Reese. Both were from Albuquerque, and easy to get along with. Reese was an easy going type of guy, and Jamaal was an athlete. Mike and I were both athletes in high school so we ended up clicking with Jamaal and his friends group. Jamaal and I were all about football, and we both knew we still weren't done playing. The story could go on & on about our football workouts and where we ended up playing football after that year at UNM, and the different places we lived & worked at over the next several years, but I'll fast forward. That was 11 years ago, in Albuquerque, New Mexico...Jamaal and I have spent the past week together in Los Angeles creating content for his new business venture, Gami Gallery. Ain't it crazy how shit works out?


"I f*ck with the vision."

Okay so it's 2017, and everyone has their "personal brand" or you pretty much know what people are up to in their professional life because of social media. When I see somebody creating their own path, I might reach out to them and give some words of encouragement or a thumbs up. I do this because I've had a lot of people do the same to me ever since I first started itsjonmiller Filters. Jamaal was one of those guys. And when I saw him get started with Gami, I knew our paths were going to cross again. We DM'd a few times and bounced some ideas off each other on how we could collaborate. I just wanted to share our story, and in return I'm helping him with some content for Gami Gallery. So, we went to ComplexCon and did some networking, captured some video footage and took some photos, but the best part of all this was just the experience. We caught up on old times and laughed our asses off, traded perspective on life and current events, and just chopped it up. These interactions are essential. 


We're all we got, we're all we need. What's that from?? I can't remember but it's true. Be a human and interact with other humans. It's a much easier world to live in when we're linking and building, fam. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while. Whether it can lead to a business opportunity or not, I guarantee you'll be happy you did.